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To suit your every need, optimize design, and create useful products with long-term range.
We make it easy.
To build your dreams and achieve your goals.
The sky is the limit.
Manufacturing that's individualized to your needs and at a price point you can reach.
Don’t just be early, be first.
Rapid Prototyping For Immediate Results
Simple or Complex
We bring Ideas to Form.
ProofX helped me design a custom pedal board and custom casing for my guitar pedals. They are simpler to use and look great. We're even thinking about putting them into production!
ProofX is helping me prototype a portable cold-brew coffee device I designed in a business class. It's incredible watching my idea go from a drawing on a page to something I can touch in such a short amount of time.
─ Riley Masunaga
I turn to ProofX for all of my custom architectural elements for my design firm. They produce exactly what I need, when I need it, from the eco-friendly material I want. I don't know how I lived without them.
─ Alexia Paul
ProofX is a leader in the rapid prototype and short-run fabrication industry.  Our approach focuses both on providing a complete prototyping solution and making advanced technologies available to small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) to increase the velocity of innovation.  Utilizing 3D printing technology and advanced CNC milling equipment with a full cohort of engineering and design support available, ProofX radically alters the world of manufacturing and makes this accessible to a world of innovators that have historically been left out:  individual entrepreneurs and industries that can’t afford the cost of entry. Eliminating the barriers to entry for a broader range of innovators, ProofX dramatically alters the landscape of manufacturing.  Imagine the shop floor worker who comes up with an idea to speed up production being able to come in, share her idea with a ProofX engineer, and walk out with a device to test — that day. Reduce costs and build with us… NOW. 
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